Inverter for Domestic application

For 600Va to 15 Kva, and for industrial office and safety application 600Va to 100 kva. [Ready stock]

Commercial Inverter

3Ø Lift / Elevator UPS

With Inbuilt ARD Features.

High Reliability with DSP Sine Wave Technology.

Less maintenance & eco-friendly.

Input 3-phase Sequencing Protection (Optional).

Smart LCD Display with LED indications.

Facility for manual bypass.

Load sensing with smart control.

Variable change over time (0-30Sec).

Range Available : 6kVA to 20kVA

ARD 2Ø Automatic Rescue Device

High reliability with Microcontroller based Sine Wave Technology.

Less maintenance & eco-friendly

Selectable Change Overtime.

Flexible turn ON/OFF the Back-up Power.

Selectable Back-up time.

Safe and reliable Operation.

Battery Charging Monitoring.

Extensive signaling.

Range Available : 5hp / 7.5hp / 10hp

3.5kva Luminous Inverter

Pure Sine Wave with regulated output.

State of the art Battery charger with three charging modes - Trickle, Float and Full.

Operates on 1Ø 220VAC, 50Hz Power

Very simple interface, easy and quick to install.

Maintains Battery Health.

Auto Overload Resetting.

Range Available : 5hp / 7.5hp & 10hp